Training Simulator

We have the best simulator in the industry. It does not fire real bullets, just laser beams. The simulator has a friendly “point and shoot” interface anyone can use making it a cheap alternative to the high cost of ammunition. You can fire hundreds of simulated shots for a fraction of the price of live ammo.

The simulator projects a 12 x 7-foot image on the wall with shooting games, plate racks, targets, recorded live human role player scenarios for decision-making and of course “undead” zombie scenarios. It also includes a futuristic first person shooter game and Wild West gunfights! The non-firing guns have no recoil. This is a great alternative for a new shooter that might be intimidated to come into our gun range. It is also a great compliment for use by experienced shooters.

Badlands Instructors and Security Staff use this simulator to re-sharpen their skills along with live fire. All of our Training Classes include time on the Simulator to compliment live fire on the range. Our students rave about how it improves our class quality. No live fire capable guns are allowed in the room during its use.

Want to see the training simulator in action? Take a look at this segment from our weekly show, Badlands Weekly and then come in and try it for yourself.