Badlands Shooting League


  • $3.00 (plus tax)
    • Price includes one targets and enough time to shoot their entry.
    • Does not include: additional range time, rental handgun, ammunition, ear, and eye protection.

How It Works

  • Competitor faces NRA “D1” paper targets at distances of 10 yards, 15 yards, 20 yards and 25 yards, Shots that break the line will be counted to the lower score:
    • D-1 5 rounds 10 yards
    • D-1 5 rounds 15 yards
    • D-1 5 rounds 20 yards
    • D-1 5 rounds 25 yards
  • Shooters will use a centerfire only handgun.
  • Shooters will fire this course of fire with open sights only.
  • Shooters will use an unsupported standing shooting position.


  • Contact Badlands Gun Range Staff to enter.
    • Takes about 15 minutes of your time.
    • 20 rounds of ammunition.
    • Bring target to counter to score and record your entry.
    • We will run each competition for one month or until 3 people shoot a perfect score. Each month we will have a new and unique contest to test your skills!


  • 1st place – ½ hour of simulator time with up to 4 people an one box of 9mm ammo.
  • 2nd place – free red-dot scope.
  • 3rd place – free gun cleaning.