Badlands Gun Store Programs

We respect and honor those men and women in uniform that serve us daily. Our programs are designed to discount firearms for those who hold these credentials. Whether you are a LE, Military, Fire/Rescue, or other qualified First Responder we want to honor you with these programs. Bring in your active or retired credentials to receive your discounts and see what we can do for you.

  • Glock Blue Label Dealer: Badlands Gun Store is the only Glock Blue Label dealer in the area that has the ability to provide discount pricing and Certified Glock Armorer repairs to LE/Military/First Responder weapons.
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  • FNH LE/Military Dealer: Badlands Gunstore has been selected by FNH to be the premier LE and Military retailer in the Sioux Falls area to provide discounts and service to all LE/Military and First Responders who meet the criteria.
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  • Safety/Clean/Function Check: Prepare yourself by bringing in your firearms to the Badlands Gunstore staff and allowing the on-site gunsmiths to perform their 50 point safety check, professionally clean your firearm and perform a live fire function check of all systems to ensure you have the peace of mind to use your firearm for your next big hunt or for personal defense.


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