Badlands Gun Range and Gun Store are more fired up than ever before and ready to earn your business throughout 2017! Please come in and shop for guns and accessories, sign up for classes, continue to use and buy new range memberships and shoot on our state of the art range.
Business as usual here at the Range and Store!

About The Badlands Gun Range

Badlands Gun Range is leading the way with the region’s first hi-tech indoor firing range. Costing nearly $3,000,000, this state of the art facility has a variety of firearms ranging from handguns to fully automatic machine guns.

The VIP range has one lane capable of handling a .50 BMG. All of the other lanes are capable of guests shooting a 30-06 caliber rifle. No steel core, or armor piercing ammo is allowed. Safety is our number one priority. We have a Range Safety Officer on the range whenever possible. They are there to help ensure that all range rules are followed, give helpful pointers and ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience!

We require shooters to wear eye and ear protection while on our range. The shooting booths and viewing glass are up-armored to give added safety. Our air filtration system scrubs all of the air through a 99.7% HEPA filter to ensure outstanding air quality.

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